Multiple Sclerosis

The Greatest Medical Mistake
By Autoimmune Specialist and Qualified Natural Therapist - Noel N Batten

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Multiple Sclerosis Was Described Correctly By
Dr. Jean-Martin Charcot In The 1800's

Multiple sclerosis was first recorded as a disease after Dr. Jean-Martin Charcot carried out autopsies on MS patients who passed, in 1868, however, a Dutch saint "Lidwina" (1380-1433) was found to have MS symptoms after falling while ice skating. Dr. Charcot was apparently the first to find lesions on the brain which caused him to title the disease "sclerose en plaques". In 1916 a Scottish doctor, Dr. James Dawson also carried out autopsies to describe "demyelinization" as the cause of multiple sclerosis symptoms and his almost 100 year old description of the cause of MS is what medical doctors are trained to tell patients, to this day. But Dr. Charcot was the only one who really got it right, when he termed it "a rigidity disorder" yet medical leaders chose to ignore him.

Symptoms Of Multiple Sclerosis, The True Cause
Symptoms of MS, and the true cause has been ignored by medical leaders since Dr. Charcot documented his findings back in the 1800's. It is his discription that I was so easily able to relate to in the development of my MS symptoms at age 14, after I had an epileptic seizure that put me in hospital in a coma for three days. Dr. Charcot's "muscle rigidity" description of MS is also what my Five-day Treatment Program is based on, which enables me to regularly help MS patients overcome their ms symptoms as you can see in my videos. Dr Charcot described MS as a neurosis provoked rigidity disorder and in leyman's terms, this means it is a stress disorder that causes symptoms to develop through the manifestation of excess muscle tension.

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Proof That Symptoms Of Multiple Sclerosis Are Caused By "Tension" Not Myelin Degeneration!

This first video I offer, gives proof beyond doubt that the symptoms of multiple sclerosis are definately not caused by incurable degeneration of the myelin sheath, as medical students are taught to believe, in medical school. It also proves beyond doubt, that one MS symptom can be caused by many different breakdown factors in the body, affecting the muscular and nervous systems and that the symptoms of multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's disease are much the same, both being muscular/nerve reactions to stress that
"CAN" be overcome through personal effort by the patient.


"Multiple Sclerosis The Greatest Medical Mistake" is a book that supplies actual case histories of MS patients who achieved remission and medical research information in the form of medical journal documentations which should be passed on to patients, but are not, and as a consequence, multiple sclerosis sufferers are left in the dark, with a false impression about their future.

Medical research has proven, that myelin degeneration "IS NOT" the cause of Multiple Sclerosis, but doctors are not taught to pass this information on, to patients. If you have been diagnosed with MS, "DO NOT LISTEN TO DOOM-AND-GLOOM TOLD TO YOU BY MEDICAL DOCTORS AND NEUROLOGISTS, OR IT WILL CHEAT YOU OUT OF YOUR FUTURE.

MS Tiffany Sakas Balance and Walking Problems Overcome In 5 Days

My next video will show you how my Distance Treatment Program client Tiffany Sakas, achieved 80% improvement in only six days, while following my instructions by phone for five days and several emails giving her direction, information and motivation. Please keep in mind that Tiffany had only just been diagnosed two weeks before she came to me for treatment, which made it easy for me to achieve significant improvement. When an MS or Parkinson patient has symptoms for longer than two years, spinal curvature and misaligned vertebra start to grow to the out-of-alignment curvature shape, and excessively tense muscles that cause these problems eventually grow to hold on to the excess tension, as normal. Kidney viruses associated with swollen ankles also begin to take a stronger hold, and blocked nerve junctions will no longer become unblocked on their own, as they can, in the first two years of development.


Pharmaceutical drugs will NEVER be able to overcome the symptoms of multiple sclerosis because they cannot overcome the multi-causal-problems that vary from patient to patient, which sometimes even includes a stressful overactive mind during sleep, that create the causal muscle tension. They cannot help you develop peace of mind, free up blocked nerve junctions, free up specific muscle tensions that strangle tendons and blood vessels to cause the lack of blood flow to symptom-affected areas, they cannot realign the hips or the vertebra in the spine, or rectify a curvature or kink in the spine, or overcome the other causal problems I have listed in my eBook "Multiple Sclerosis, The Greatest Medicl Mistake". "YOU" are the only person on earth who can do all that, just as I was the only one who could earn my remission. Email me the answers to the 10 questions in my "Causal Recipe Questionnaire" and I will teach you how I achieved remission that has stayed with me for more than fifty years.

The PROOF I Offer You To Support My Claim,
Are All My Success Videos, and My Next Success Video Shows
That My Treatment Will Even Overcome Optic Neuritis


MS Anna Gackowski Optic Neuritis Overcome In Only 5 Days

Anna's mother passed away from multiple sclerosis so she was fully focussed to do everything possible to overcome her symptoms before they became advanced.

You "CAN" overcome multiple sclerosis symptoms so do not listen to any person who tries to tell you this disorder is incurable. "JUST DON'T LISTEN!"


While Treating Only Parkinson's and MS Patients Since 2005, I Discovered,
All PD and MS Patients Have Up To 33 Problems In Their Immune System,
and If Rectified, Long-term Remission Can Often Be Achieved, In A Short Time

Whilst most medical treatments are amazing for helping with certain health problems, particularly skin grafting on burn victims and the brain connection to prosthetic limbs, it is clear, medical experts are on the wrong track when it comes to overcoming multiple sclerosis, and often, the drugs they use, cause additional problems.

Here is one of "MANY" medical journals that "PROVE", what I am saying
has been documented through medical/chiropractic research on many occasions.

The same success that Tiffany and Anna experienced has also been achieved with other MS patients, and one case is sited in the following medical-chiropractic journal below clearly showing that brain and spinal cord lesions and the symptoms of multiple sclerosis can be overcome "completely" and "permanently", with massage to release blocked nerve junctions, chiropractic correction and the
other complementary ideals that I
explain in my eBook "Multiple Sclerosis, The Greatest Medical Mistake".

Click on this link and read this medical journal to see that medical doctors and neurologists are wrong. Please remember, it is not as easy to overcome MS as explained in this journal, if you have had it longer than 2 years :-
"J Of Vertebral Subluxation Res"
Journal Of Vertebral Subluxation Research - 2001-2002, book 4, pages 22 to 30.

A Very Important "Fact" About MS Symptoms
That You Should "Never" Forget

If brain and spinal cord lesions and incurable deterioration holes in the protective myelin nerve sheath were the cause of multiple sclerosis, every symptom associated with the disease would be present "constantly" and the intensity of these symptoms would "never" vary. As all multiple sclerosis sufferers can testify, some symptoms can vary drastically according to their quality of sleep and the daily stress they experience, which means it is just plain common sense, multiple sclerosis could not possibly be caused by a nerve sheath that is permanently damaged.

Remember, I lived through the horrible experience of multiple sclerosis
and eventually achieved "complete and lasting success"
so I can tell you "exactly" how to overcome it

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